Monday, August 28, 2023

Pick Up Sticks & All Hands On Deck


Position each curler, with two rocks (one from each colour set) at a "corner" of the house, just outside the 12' circle.

On a command, the 8 rocks are slid toward the button at a speed so that there is a controlled measure of collision, with the rocks remaining in the house,

Place a rock in the free guard zone touching the centre line.

Determine which rock is in the shot position, noting its colour.

The object of the drill is for the team, using a rock of the opposite colour from the shot rock, to make that colour shot!

Discuss all the shots that could be played to reach the objective.  Don't necessarily play the "easiest" shot to reach the objective! Perhaps play the shot that will result in the largest score for the end. Assume this is the last shot of the end.

One team member will deliver the shot while two assume the brushers' positions and a fourth will hold the brush in the house


Using the eight rocks of one colour, the team will deliver the rocks so that all eight come to rest in a scoring position (in the house or touching the edge of the 12' circle). 

Each team member will deliver two rocks in the set.

The 8th rock must be delivered (with its leading edge touching the near tee line) before the first delivered rock comes to rest!

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