Friday, December 13, 2013

A Coach Can't Lose!

Normally you'd see the text of my posting here, but not today! If you want to hear this short posting, one I just happened upon in doing some "office cleaning" in preparation for a move to a new residence, almost within sight of the one from which I'm writing this, follow the directions below.

I do not know the name of the author but it wasn't me. But, I thought the premise was worth sharing so I chose it for my first attempt at a podcast.

To hear it go to "". At the top of the home page you'll see a "search bar". Enter coachbill and you'll come upon "A Coach Can't Lose".

I'd very much like your comments on this form of communication. If it "flies" with you I'll still create posts here in the traditional way but I'll also make a podcast version.


  1. Great message, Bill. This is some food for thought not only for coaches but also for parents! Thanks.

  2. Podcasts are a great forum for informal, extended conversations - look forward to future episodes. If you haven't already check out