Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Must Read For Parents

I want to thank Cori Bartel Morris for alerting me to this excellent site and in particular to an article entitled "Can You Guess the One thing Most Elite Athletes Have in Common?". As my blog title implores, if you're a parent concerned about the sports in which you feel your child(ten) should participate and why, this is for you!

As a parent of an active young aspiring athlete, sooner or later you will wrestle with the question, "Do I encourage my child, who clearly displays athletic ability, to specialize in a particular sport area or provide a broad spectrum of sports opportunities?"

The blog site is "". The aforementioned article is the current offering (February 18, 2015). It is opinion based but the opinions come from  experts in their field relating to this issue.

In a book to which I have referred previously ("The Gold Mine Effect") you get he other side of the argument.

I have grandchildren (the Tschirhart boys, Lucas & Jacob). As I write this they're 3 & 1 years of age so son Mark & daughter-in-law Emily won't have to make this type of decision quite yet but knowing the facts & opinions on this matter will better equip them to offer guidance when the time comes.

I'm making this non-profit site a must read for me going forward! I suggest you might as well!