Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The "Virtual Coach Project" Update

It's Oct. 1 and that means time to reveal the two teams that have been selected to participate in the "Virtual Coach Project" on my blog site. One is from Canada and the other is an international team. They will share their questions and experiences throughout this curling season. The idea of the project is to let these teams represent all adult club level teams in terms of the successes, trials & tribulations and most importantly, the questions they might have. In this way I hope all adult club level teams will benefit.

I want to thank all the teams who contacted me to be either the male adult club level team or female adult level team as the centre pieces of my on line project. It was evident very early on that all the teams that contacted me with interest in the project were more than worthy of inclusion. The resumes sent to me were detailed and impressive! I could have chosen any one of you but I did choose two and they have already been contacted. I guess that's the bad news for you if you were one of the teams that indicated your interest in the project but have not been contacted but it's not really bad news as I invite and encourage all of those teams to continue to send me questions and thoughts on this curling season. All your questions will be answered and some make their way to my "Mailbag" postings so don't feel that you are not going to get what you seek. Exactly the opposite is true! So as the late Dean Martin liked to say, "Keep those cards and letters coming!" only in this case it's emails or ... I guess I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree nor the sharpest knife in the drawer. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. Skype, I communicate with family in S ON regularly on this marvel of the technological age. When an athlete in NB asked if we might "Skype" of course I said yes and I extend the idea to "anyone" who wishes to communicate with me in this way. All you need do is send me an email (billchpc@shaw.ca) to obtain my "Skype address" and we're good to go! Apparently, Skype can be done in a a group format so even if your team is not in the same room, and given that each member has the technology, we can get together in that fashion. I'd really like to see if that works!

I've had many comments about the last posting authored by Steve Simmons, currently of TSN, "I Hope They Don't Bring Apple Juice". If Steve is reading this, thanks once again for your experience with young athletes and how they feel about sports. They're the reason we do what we do!!!

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