Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Team & Virtual Coach - An On Line Project

As announced on Facebook & Twitter (was that the best name they could have chosen, really) by yours truly, I'm looking for two competitive club level adult teams (m & w) who might be interested in a unique on line project.

I will be your "virtual coach", using my blog site to answer all your questions as you make your way through the 2013-14 curling season. The teams selected need not be from Canada. Both teams will curl out of "The True North Curling Centre" (don't try to "google" it, it doesn't exist) and you will receive pseudonyms. No one will learn your true identity and my responses to your questions will always honour that coach/team relationship!

I hope the purpose of this on line project is already obvious. When I answer your questions, I hope there are countless other adult club level competitive teams who will benefit from my answers and might spur many of them to start to ask their own questions of their own. 

I don't purport to have all the answers but I usually know someone in my network of colleagues who can. If your team is selected, I will answer your questions as though I was your coach and will respond in a timely fashion. All answers will appear here on my blog site of course.

You are a club level competitive team if you plan to play together for this entire season with some defined goals (bonspiels, league play, play downs etc.). You do NOT have to have provincial or national level aspirations but what you must have to make this project worthwhile is a willingness to contact me on a regular basis and in some cases pour out your heart and soul. Remember, no one will know who you are.

If his idea excites your team, please send me an email (billchpc@shaw) with as much information you feel your "coach" needs before he/she begins the season with you (i.e. how was the team formed? what are your goals? where do you play? how often will you compete together? what are your curling backgrounds? describe the members of the team ...). I will select the two teams best expressing a willingness to stay with me throughout the season. I know, I get to choose the teams but if selected, you're stuck with me as virtual coach. 

I'll make the end of this month of September the deadline for applications. I will send a complimentary copy of my coaching manual ("A Pane in the Glass: A Coach's Companion") to the two teams selected!

Feel free to send email to me if your team might be interested but you have more questions about the project.

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