Sunday, July 1, 2012

As you can see by the title, this will now be the site that I will use to post blogs (at least temporarily). The site that I had used in the past using iWeb, as of today (July 1, 2012) is no longer available. I have saved all the blogs I had posted on that site and I will re-post many of them here for those who wish to have them reinstated.

I'll take this opportunity to thank the many who have emailed me about the blogs that I post. Many of you are curling coaches and/or instructors but some are from other walks of life and have found my thoughts at least interesting and hopefully helpful.

I'm very much the type of person who prefers to share my thoughts on topics suggested by readers so I'll issue the invitation again. If you'd like to know my feelings or share my experiences on a topic, please ask ( I'll respond as soon as I'm able.

It's "Canada Day" here in the "great white north"! It's a day for Canadians to acknowledge the gift of our country and to remember for those of us who had that gift automatically bestowed upon us that there are some Canadians who gave their lives so we can live the way we do and many more who are Canadians citizens by choice and have come from afar to live among us and in many cases under threat of retaliation! Thank you to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and welcome to those who choose Canada!

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